How do I center text in a table cell using BlueGriffon

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How do I center text in a table cell using BlueGriffon

Postby MarshallAbrams on Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:48 pm

How do I center text in a table cell using BlueGriffon version 3.0.1? It's no problem in Kompozer, but I can't get it to work in BlueGriffon.

I have text with a table cell. I select (highlight) the Text. On the Style Properties panel I select "Apply styles to this element, through inline styles when the pointer hovers over the element." On the formatting toolbar I click on the centering icon. Nothing happens.

The process works fine on text not in a table (i.e., a block).
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Re: How do I center text in a table cell using BlueGriffon

Postby gregtutor on Wed Apr 24, 2019 8:57 pm

The simplest approach is to use the toolbar button:


It's the cell your applying the centring to, so simply having the cursor inside the cell is good enough to select it. Indeed, BlueGriffon is quite intelligent in realising you can't apply centring to a collection of characters but only to the element in which they are contained. If you had tried to do something like make the text italic BlueGriffon would have added a <span> tag to which it would have applied that styling.

You only need to use the Style Properties panel if you are going to develop a stylesheet, which you might then export and turn into a "Linked" stylesheet so its contents can be applied to all pages on your site. In that case you need to open the "General" section of the panel and find the "Center" button as in this image:


The toolbar button will then echo the state defined by the Style Properties Panel, but otherwise there is no connection between the toolbar button and the controls within the Panel.

(I'm running Linix Mint 19.1 and BlueGriffon 1.7.2 - but I don't think that makes a difference to your issue.)
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